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Riley Carson And The Quest For Justice (Book #2)

Can a girl and her friends save a dog on death row? Dog-lover Riley Carson wishes she could spend her free time training her new rescue dog and exploring secret and possibly haunted tunnels with her best friend Finn. But, when their town passes a law banning pit bulls, Riley, Finn, and their friend Eve must take action! As the kids work to overturn the new law, the unthinkable happens – their Army veteran neighbor has his new service dog confiscated by the city. As Riley, Finn, and Eve fight to save an innocent life, they realize they may not have enough power to do so. The kids have to find a way to help because there isn’t just one life at stake, but possibly two.

Riley Carson And The Quest For Justice is the second novel in the thrilling Riley Carson Series.

If you like action-filled adventure, edge-of-your-seat drama, and a hint of the paranormal, then you’ll love this gripping adventure novel with a purpose!

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